Garfield Hotel Clean-up for Game #2

As You Wish Games has been hard at work cleaning up the Garfield Hotel for our 2nd game coming up Sept 21st to the 23rd! Entry fee is only $30, so come out and do some quests in the Apocalypse! Check out shops that are run in-game by players, fight some monsters or even go scavenging for supplies! The possibilities are endless here!




Radroachs, Feral Ghouls, and Grounders, Oh My!

Our first game was a success! Everyone was excited to be there and thankful to be in the shade on such a hot weekend! NPCs worked double shifts to make sure players were entertained and on their toes! Seems like everyone had fun role-playing as their characters in the harsh Wasteland and checking out all the props and shops set up.  Hope to see you guys at the next event in a month!

First Full LARP event July 13th, 14th & 15th

A call goes out over your radio; “An oasis has been discovered in the Wasteland, the forest here is dense and productive with life, the water is clean, the radiation is minimal and sparse, the land fertile. The settlement is calling out to all good and able Wasters in search of a better life to help build a new town.”

Join us for our first full weekend game! Create a character to develop, shoot some enemies, scavenge for materials, or even open a shop! The possibilities are endless for you! There’s no one way to play the game; there’s are combat and non-combat options for your character! All sorts of adventures are waiting for you! So come out and explore the Wasteland!

The game start on the 13th at 3pm, and ends on the 15th at noon. The event is $30 but if you can only make it for a day the price will be lowered.
A food plan will be available to those who RVSP in time and will be $30 a day. Allergies will be accommodated for.


This past Sunday, the Day LARP went great, more than 16 players showed, many with their own Nerf Guns! So many people want to play as a Zombie now that we created a way to randomly pick players now to NPC to keep things fair.  We also had three other players open shops, which brings our count to four! Things are getting more interesting and fun now that our players have mastered the basics of the game, so come out this Sunday to play a few more rounds, get into character or even set up your own shop! Everyone is welcome!

Boffer Practice

Our first two practices went great! We had more people show up than expected, and some new members got added to the group. One such member; Lydia, has taken on projects and tasks, helping us further the progression much quicker than we expected! Never under-estimate how much one person can make a difference.  Our next practice is this Sunday,  the 29th of April at East City Park in Moscow, ID at 2pm. There will be food and drink again at no charge.


As You Wish Games is a local company in the Palouse Washington area that runs LARPs, themed dinner parties and Nerf Wars. Our main LARP is post-apocalyptic themed: Apocalarpse. We currently are talking about creating a fantasy LARP aka; Allenwood. If roleplaying isn’t your jam and you still like crafting, this is the place for you! We host crafting classes where people come together to create props, costumes and cool stuff while somebody shows them how!