Apocalarpse is a post-apocalyptic Larp in the Palouse region near Moscow, ID & Pullman, WA. The world in which it takes place is one that pulls inspiration from any number of post-apocalyptic series one might find most closely matches their own personal interests. Influences from any number of series such as Fallout, Tank Girl, The Walking Dead to Mad Max can be worked into this game. We are striving to produce an immersive experience for our players at our personally owned site. This allows us to create a more engaging setting for players in which they can actually assist in the building and creation of the physical world they are immersing themselves in.

Player’s Handbook

Rules (Updated 7/8/2018)

Character Sheet

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New to LARP or have questions?

Need help with creating a costume? Watch these videos!

How to make a post-apocalyptic shoulder pad / pauldron / shoulder armor

Try this simple RUST EFFECT!


Drybrushing dirt effects for post-apo costumes