First Full LARP event July 13th, 14th & 15th

A call goes out over your radio; “An oasis has been discovered in the Wasteland, the forest here is dense and productive with life, the water is clean, the radiation is minimal and sparse, the land fertile. The settlement is calling out to all good and able Wasters in search of a better life to help build a new town.”

Join us for our first full weekend game! Create a character to develop, shoot some enemies, scavenge for materials, or even open a shop! The possibilities are endless for you! There’s no one way to play the game; there’s are combat and non-combat options for your character! All sorts of adventures are waiting for you! So come out and explore the Wasteland!

The game start on the 13th at 3pm, and ends on the 15th at noon. The event is $30 but if you can only make it for a day the price will be lowered.
A food plan will be available to those who RVSP in time and will be $30 a day. Allergies will be accommodated for.

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